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Our Story

Do you spend endless minutes in the deodorant aisle, sniffing out every brand in search of an effective, clean option? If so, you're not alone! I was never satisfied with the results. The deodorants would either not last the day, create white sticky residue on my skin, or the scent would be overwhelming. After years of my own fruitless search, I finally concocted a formula that put an end to my body odor woes. I combined common complaints from deodorants on the market to create a deodorant with the intention to resolve these issues and elevate the deodorant experience. After lots of research, trial and error, Alchemi was born.

But my journey didn't end there. With the help of scientific experts in skincare, I was able to enhance the formula into the superior deodorant it is today. Alchemi is designed to eradicate odor-causing bacteria and balance your pH from clean ingredients that make you feel like you're not even wearing deodorant. The problem isn't your body odor, it's your deodorant.

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Jasmine Pascoe

With a heart full of gratitude I thank you for your support that allows us to continue our mission of creating clean and effective products that enhance your life. We are grateful you are apart of our community and for entrusting us with your journey.

- Jas

Green Satin


Our mission is to craft the worlds leading deodorant and elevate the deodorant experience.


While enriching lives through innovative, clean and effective products that nourish and care for your body.


Green Satin


Our vision is a world where clean products uplift individuals, elevate collective energy, and promote well-being. We inspire and support people on their journey to a higher vibrational existence.

Energy Healing


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