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Tips to keep your smell neutral

Apply Alchemi 

Apply Alchemi directly after showering (even before bed). Let air dry or blow dry after applying. Keeping a layer of Alchemi on your arm pit will prevent bacteria and body odor.

– Reapply if needed when you perspire more than usual.

- Be consistent. Don't mix with inferior deodorants.

Alchemi works best on its own.

- Alchemi's full strength protection may occur immediately and progress after 3 days of consecutive use.

Think Inside the Body

The foods, drinks, stimulants, and vitamins we consume affect our smell and pH. Do your research and make conscious choices and life style changes to stay healthy and keep your body type smelling it's best.

Spa and Beauty Products

Scrub Well

Hygiene is key to removing bacteria. Wash the full surface of the under arms with soap, a clean luffa, sponge or cloth. This helps clear the lingering bacteria.

- Keep in mind that the AHA's in Alchemi help with cell turnover (the natural process in which old skin cells are replaced by new ones, keeping your skin healthy and renewed). The new skin can be more sensitive and shouldn't be over scrubbed or exfoliated. 


- Use a pH balanced or unscented soap.

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