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  • Q: Why is Alchemi a superior deodorant?


A:  Alchemi uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids to block body odor and improve skin quality. Alpha Hydroxy acids have been used in skin care since the 70's. But they do more than just treat skin.

We have formulated Alchemi with the top deodorant complaints in mind to bring you your new deodorant addiction.

- Long lasting

- No white residue

- Blocks strong odors

- No overpowering scents to mask odor

Convient application 

Honestly it feels so light you won't even be able to tell your'e wearing deodorant. 


  • Q: Is Alchemi free of aluminum?


A: Yes Alchemi is 100% aluminum free! Since Alchemi is not an antiperspirant you may sweat, that is natural. But you will notice you don’t smell.



  • Q: Why spray deodorant?  


A:  It prevents old bacteria from resurfacing, when you apply your roll on, it can have lingering smell monsters (bacteria) and actually cause more stink than you’d think.


  • Q: How often should I apply Alchemi? 

A: Apply once in the morning before you start your day. And any time directly after showering (even before bed) – Reapply as needed! You can carry your 2 oz Alchemi in your purse or gym bag. No melting or leakage with the cap sealed on it.

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Learn how to use Alchemi and our tips to smell less

Marble Surface


  • No aluminum 

  • No parabens

  • No white residue

  • No body odor

  • Improves skin overtime

  • Clean ingredients

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